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Copy From iPod

I've had a number of requests about how to copy music from an iPod back to your computer. It's fairly straightforward if you know how to get around in Terminal, if you don't here's a walkthrough, if you do you might just want to skip ahead to the copy command, it's the only one doing anything special.
1. Open Terminal (Applications/Utilities/Terminal/)
2. Navigate to /Volumes/Your iPod/iPod_Control/Music/
 cd /Volumes/
 >>> Andrew Vanee’s iPod    BOOTCAMP    Backup    My Public Folder

 cd "Andrew Vanee’s iPod"/
 >>> Calendars Contacts  Desktop DB Desktop DF Notes    iPod_Control

 cd iPod_Control/
 >>> Artwork  Device  Music  iPodPrefs iTunes

 cd Music/
 >>> F00 F03 F06 F09 F12 F15 F18 F21 F24 F27 F30 F33 F36 F39 F42 F45 F48
 F01 F04 F07 F10 F13 F16 F19 F22 F25 F28 F31 F34 F37 F40 F43 F46 F49
 F02 F05 F08 F11 F14 F17 F20 F23 F26 F29 F32 F35 F38 F41 F44 F47

3. Make a folder on the desktop to copy to:
 mkdir ~/Desktop/ipod

4. Copy all files in folders, without Mac resource forks (-rX options)
 cp -rX ./* ~/Desktop/ipod/

5. Wait for a while. Terminal just sits there blankly, but you can go to the folder
in Finder and see the copying happening. Once you get a command prompt in 
Terminal, you're done.
Gotchas: Any folder name with spaces or weird characters needs to be surrounded by double-quotes. (eg. "Andrew Vanee's iPod"/) To do: on the fly file renaming. mdls -name kMDItemName will display the actual song name.. Not sure what to do with that.