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Democamp 13

I went to my first Democamp this evening. I thought I'd share the experience while it's still fresh in my mind.

First off, I wasn't too sure what to expect, but it was fairly close to what I thought. The community is pretty tight, and there is a good energy. There was only 5 demos, and a couple were somewhat underwhelming, but I'll start with the good: presented their new app for selling stuff on fb/twitter and sharing the profits with the friends who helped you get the word out. Seems like a great idea, and it seems like they've thought it through quite well.

A guy (I forget his name!) from 3Di who works with their pureLIGHT lighting engine presented his concept game that was pretty cool. It was based on the idea of mapping the 3D engine onto curved space... Kind of hard to describe, and unfortunately his demo only covered the basic "training" level, which wasn't very curved at all, but I could definitely see the potential of a game that ran with that idea. The graphics and lighting were very top-notch for indie developer.

There was guys from deckle there. Solid looking application, but I had this creepy feeling when they demoed the feature of printing bank quality cheques. I suppose I'm just not all that starstruck with the wonders of print media.

And the rest don't really deserve links, in my humble opinion.

Afterwards, we headed to the pub and I got a chance to meet some cool people in the Edmonton developer community. Good stuff!

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